Summer Delicacies (Demos)

by Pretty Healthy

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pretty healthy is very pleased to announce an exciting new collection of songs, fresh off the grill and still reeking of L&M Reds. Summer Delicacies features an enticing array of ~juicy~ bass licks, finger bleedin' good guitar morsels, and euphoric mouth noises. Recorded on the eve of autumn in Kyle's handsome wizard dad's pocket dimension.


released October 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Pretty Healthy Omaha, Nebraska

Pretty Healthy is an Omaha supergroup whose ranks include world-class bodybuilder Joe Gehringer, ultra-realistic hologram TV personality Anna Schulte, sexy mortician Kyle Kelly, former child actor Ross Finocchiaro, and a friendly ghost named John Paul Joyce.

anna schulte [vocals] joe gehringer [guitar] ross finocchiaro [bass] kyle kelly [drums]
john paul joyce [mustache]
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Track Name: Bones
wanted to let our love grow low
low as the soil beneath my bones
i just wanted to unravel
like a loose thread between your lips

let's get out of this city
let's make something lovely
you got the light and i got the time

my moon is hanging from a clothesline
in your sweet mind
you got my fingers wrapped
around your moonlight
Track Name: All My Friends Hate You
i just had a little bit too much to drink
i didn't even recognize the feeling in my bones
hold somebody for a night call them your own

i still know that you still feel that
feeling that you had last year
and you should know that i still care
and one more beer wouldn't be so bad
and we could share a cigarette
and take a walk straight through my head

we could speak until the morning
creeping through the blinds
and convince ourselves that we're not meant
to walk that line
Track Name: Kitchen Sink
the light was like a portal
to your eyes
someone had died
but they did not go far
we are just laughing
kicking at the concrete
show us your teeth kid
there are no rules here

and i want so deeply
to find myself in a place
where love
is easy

not because there is no suffering
oh it's just nothing would be missing
from our bodies
when we come
together as a whole

and when everything is
in it's right place
we do not second-guess
how it is we love
Track Name: Lunchbox
at the back of the bus
the whole world makes sense
but only for the moment
i miss the times when nothing
even had to be spoken

i could be with you
and there was nothing that i wanted
we could walk for days on end
with our hands in our pockets

when we knew just what we were
and what we were not meant to swallow
i am what i do not have

Track Name: June
summer cracked me wide open
no warning i was yours for the taking
soon my wrists were tied in sunlight
i knew you
and you did not lie

why am i holding your mistakes in my lungs?
why is your name still under my tongue?
something is blooming inside of my skull
but you are not around anymore

you were spitting promises with your eyes
you were sewing yourself to my inside
and i believe everything that you sang
you sang my whole life
back into my veins

you were standing at the throat
of all i loved
and i swallowed you up
my love
my love
Track Name: Burn Your Jeans
burn your jeans out with me in the summer
bury my face in bonfire hair
breaking bottles with prairie-dwelling bodies
all i need is to feel you

stumbling into you in the summertime
it's alright cause we know that we got
some living to do left before we die
you're kinda crazy but so am i
c'mon baby kick off your shoes
let's give this a try

second chances and tipping over glasses
lend me one or two drinks and borrowed matches
flow with family run to the rooftop
moonlit you and me
Track Name: Ryan Gosling
all this restlessness inside
trying to speak
when my moon sleeps
in a stranger's mouth

i know now that nothing is easy
and my earth is a languid body
and my sky is a hollow soul.